Templates are very useful factor when it comes to creating Web Stories. You can create your own template by using MakeStories templates. Though it takes a lot of effort and time but initially its ends up coming with beautiful templates. when you don’t want to start from scratch, you can use templates that MakeStories is offering. Templates help you to quickly build web stories. MakeStories offer different travel templates, recipe templates, corporate templates, and much more in a free version and in paid version also.

Introduction to Templates in MakeStories

Hello, everyone, and welcome to chapter Seven of the MakeStories 101 course. In the last chapter, we saw how you can configure your background.

If you use an image, how you can apply filters, if you use videos, how you can select the video caption files for your videos and how you can keep your video on loop and how you can set the title, and so on.

Now we will see the next part, which is the MakeStories templates. So you probably never want to build a story from scratch. In such cases, you will use templates.

MakeStories at this point in time, while we’re doing this video comes with 10 public templates, which you can use for free, but going forward, we will be using and we will be creating more templates.

Some of them will be pro templates, which can be used only if you buy a certain subscription, but for now, we have these 10 templates and the other ones are in the making. Let's say you want to use these templates.

You have to go to the second tab of the MakeStories editor.

The moment you hower, it will show you that these are the templates. Now you can see that these are the template sets. when you were using MakeStories 1.0, you had individual templates for one slide, but here we have template sets. The template set is basically a family of template files compressed together as one template.

Let's say if we see this particular template, then this is a template on probably a Travel. Here we have the first slide, which is called the intro slide. We have the last slide, which is called the outro slide, then We have different variations of middle slides.

So You can use a mix and match off these slides to create your own story and customize it in a way that fits you.

How to use templates in MakeStories editor

Now to use a template, you will go into the template step. Then You will click on the template that you want to use. Let's say, you want to use or create a story on travel, so you will click on the travel templates. So here it gives you multiple options.

Let us explain to you each of these options. The first thing that you see over here is the ad set button. So What it does is that it will add all these eight slides to your story.

So let's do that. We will click on the add set and you will see that we have eight slides created directly on our Editor.

So this is one way of using the templates in the MakeStories editor.

Now let’s say we want to try it in another way. We want to use the intro slide. We want to use the second and third slide, and probably the seventh slide and the last slide. So we will click on the slides.

As soon as we click on this slide, what it will do is it will add this template, apply this template to the current slide. If you click on the particular template, it will apply to the current slide number.

If your slide number is one and you click on the next template, your slide number one’s current template design will be replaced with the other one.

If you want a new slide, then you will click the plus button over here down to the template design. When you hit the plus button, what it does is, it will create a new slide and in the new slide, which is created, it will apply this template design.

So Now we click this plus, so you can see that there is slide number two, which is created. And then this particular design is applied to slide number two.

In a similar way, we click on this plus and it's applied over here in the new slide. We clicked on this plus it created a new slide and it did apply this design, and then we will click this and add this.

So this is a way you can use the templates that MakeStories has to offer. How to, you know, like to edit and customize this template is something that we will see later.

How can you enter into the templates? and the entire template set and how you can add the individual template designs?

We will open up the story that we've created for our own purpose. We have three slides in this story. All we want to do is to save this story template as our own template so that we can reuse this template whenever we want to create a new story.

So we have three slides over here. We will probably add another two slides, for now let's pick up a slide from one of our templates.

Now you can see that we have five different designs in our story. Now we want to save this as our own template and not as a public template.

Here in the template section, you can see there is an option that says public templates, and there is another option, which is my template.

How to save used templates in My templates?

If you want to save this template as your own, you will navigate to the bottom right corner over here and you will see save as a template option.

When you click that, you will have two options. The first option will say the current page. This means that the current story template or the current stories slide will be saved as a template.

The other option is called multiple pages.

So here we will go into multiple pages. The moment we go here, you can see that there are checkboxes. So either you can select all for the template, let’s say, you don't want the fourth slide to be reused as a template.

So we will just remove it and then click on the save to template.

Now what will happen is that all these four slides will be saved as one template set, which we can reuse later. So let's click on the save template.

The moment it's saved, it will say you that their template has been saved and you can see it in the My Template section.

How to use your own custom templates?

So we will click on my templates and at the very bottom, here are template sets. You can see that these four slides that we have selected are now saved as my own templates.

The next time we will be creating a new story, we will click on story/new and the new story will be created. We will navigate to templates and then we’ll go to my template section over here, this is the template that we have just saved. So, we will click on it and then click on the add set.

Now you can see that the story that we had created last time, you can reuse that story. All you have to do is to customize the story as per your wish.

All you have to do is to change the images, the text, and all those things. You can keep on reusing the same template, your own custom template.

You can even share this with your team and they can create their stories using those templates. This is how you can use one of the templates that MakeStories has to offer or you can also create your own template sets.

That's it in this chapter for now. In the next chapter, we will go into the text tab and we will see how you can add the text elements to your story slide.

Thank You.


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