In this lesson, you will be going to learn from which platforms you can sign in or log in, and how you can create your own Workspace, and how you can switch between multiple workspaces. Check this video for the complete guide. If you still have any doubts or wanted to know pricing for workspaces in MakeStories after viewing this video, you can text us on live chat

Introduction to Login & Workspaces in MakeStories Dashboard

Hello, Welcome to this course of MakeStories 101. In this course, we are going to take a look at how to use MakeStories to create beautiful web stories.

The first thing that we will want to do is go to the website and click on the login or sign up for free.

How to Sign up & Login in MakeStories

Now, this is the old website, and soon we are going to have a new one. On the new website, you will definitely have the login and sign-up buttons in the top, right corner only.

You click on the login, it will take you to a URL where the entire MakeStories App runs. This is pretty simple, like any other login form.

You can either create an account by clicking on, create an account. You can sign up with email, you can log in with Apple, or log in with Google.

We will click on login since We already have my account on If you do not have an account on MakeStories, create a new account by signing up.

Now we will click on sign in with Google because that is what we use.

Use one of your accounts and log in. Now here, you can see that while we have logged in, there is an option that says you can create or choose your workspace to get started.

What are Workspaces in MakeStories?

What is a workspace? So by default, you will have only one workspace, but let's say you are a team or a small agency, and you want to create a workspace where all the members can access all the content that you have created.

In such a case, what you will do is you will create a new workspace by clicking this create new workspace button. You don't need to worry about creating this workspace from this screen only.

You will see this screen when you log in. This is similar to what you see on Netflix, where you have multiple profiles, in the same way, you have workspaces over here.

Right now, what we will do is we will click on my workspace. As soon as we’re in our own workspace, you can see that all the stories that we’ve created in the past have come over here.

But, since you will be creating your account for the first time, all of this will be empty and you will see a white screen over here. Now you can see that in the top left corner, we can switch between multiple workspaces.

Let’s say we have another workspace specifically for MakeStories. We will click on MakeStories and we have the entire thing that will change now.

Now MakeStories will specifically remember the last workspace that you were in. Let's say we will just close this particular tab and again, open the app.

You can see that we are still in the last workspace that we had selected. Now you can see that when you are in a workspace, you can have different menu options.

When you are in my workspace, you have different activities. My workspace is basically, your own workspace. You cannot add members over here. When you go to a workspace, you can see another option called members.

So What is this members tab? You can have multiple members within your organization join the MakeStories workspace, and you can all work together.

This is about logging in creating an account with MakeStories, selecting their default workspace and you creating a new workspace.

How to create and manage a new workspace?

Now the next step that we are going to do is we will create a new workspace. Let's say we want to create a new workspace with the name, MakeStories university.

Here we will select the required content and we will upload the MakeStories logo. We will select the MakeStories logo and add it over here. You can also have a cover photo. We will click on save and continue.

Here you can see that we have an option of inviting different people from my team to this particular workspace. So we will invite my colleague Chintan.

Over here, you can define if you want to add him as an admin, as an editor.

Now when you add someone as an admin, they can go in and they can add and delete members from a particular workspace.

You can keep on adding as many people as you want. We will add another team member Vipul and so on.

Now what happens is that as soon as you add their name, their account will be created in the MakeStories system and they will get an email saying that someone is inviting you to join its workspace. Now we will click on continue, and it's simple, your workspace has been created.

Now you can see that there is a MakeStories university workspace over here. These are the members and till the time you don’t have someone accepting your invitation, it will say invited.

If that particular person has joined this workspace, this invites change to the kind of member he is, if he's an admin or if he is an editor.

Now, the next thing that you can do is you can, if someone says that I have not received an invitation, you can send them an invitation by clicking on a recent invitation.

If you want to remove a member, you can just click on remove. If you think that you still want to add more members to this workspace, you can enter their email Id and hit the continue button.

But you need to remember one thing, that starting from, January 2022, workspaces, Like the default workspace, is included in the plan or in the free plan that you might have opted in for.

If you want to create a new workspace, there are different pricing that applies to workspaces. We will be launching this pricing on our website very soon.

Before creating and extensively using those workspaces, please make sure that you know and ask us all about workspaces.

If you really cannot find anything about the workspaces, please connect with us through our live chat. We will explain to you, like, what is the pricing for the workspaces going on? So that's it.

In this course, we have seen how you can log in and how you can create your own workspace and how you can switch between multiple workspaces as a member.

Thank you.

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